The Difference Between Foreign Leasehold & Freehold in Thailand

Leasehold and Freehold When searching for a Phuket property to buy or invest in, an important consideration is the ownership choice of freehold or leasehold. This is particularly important given the fact that foreigners are unable to officially own land, due to the Land Code of Thailand. What are leasehold and freehold ownerships? A leasehold agreement is a long-term, but temporary purchase right...

Land Use in Phuket

Located 867 kilometres from Bangkok, Phuket Province is the largest island in Thailand, with a total area of approximately 576 square kilometres. Within Phuket, the provincial administration is divided into 3 districts; Mueang Phuket district, Kathu district, and Thalang district. These are split into 13 sub-districts and a total 96 villages. Local government administration consists of 1 provincial...

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